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Amplifon gives free one-month trial

Updated: 31/10/2018: Amplifon now offer a 7-day trial rather than a month, they've refined their follow up process so that they can see the customer more often during the trial and have offered a 60-day money back after the trial is completed.

Amplifon is a hearing aid vendor. They have outlets in the USA, UK and across mainland Europe.

I noticed on their UK site that they are offering a free one-month trial on all hearing aids. That means: you get to try out a new pair of aids for one month without paying out a penny; you only hand over your hard-earned if you wish to keep the aids at the end of the trial month.

As far as I’m aware both Specsavers’ and David Ormerod’s both still make you pay the full-price of the aid up-front and then refund you if you don’t want to keep them.

I much prefer the Amplifon way. It feels less-like a ‘lock-in’. Yes, I know that Specsavers and David Ormerod will both refund you but not having to pay up-front makes for a less pressured sale and a happier customer. I always worry when I have to make a ‘full-refund available’ purchase, and not just when buying hearing aids, there’s always that nagging doubt in the back of my mind: Just how easy is it going to be to get my money back if I’m not happy with this service?

Have you bought from Amplifon? How good was the service? Would you recommend them?