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Why I’m praying for Apple to get serious about the hearing aid industry

There have been two bits of hearing-related news regarding the mighty Apple recently: they’ve patented a hearing aid social network and they’re working with big-name hearing aid manufacturers to create “Made For iPhone” hearing aids.

I’m really hoping that Apple is planning to make a big splash in the hearing industry, it’ll be a huge sea-change for us hearing aid wearers if they do. I doubt it’ll result in cheaper hearing aids, Apple always sell premium products at premium prices and it won’t result in a massive leap in hearing aid performance (manufacturers/scientists are already doing an awesome job).

If Apple do get serious about the hearing industry then I think two things will change:

Hearing aids will instantly become cool

People don’t just like Apple’s products, they love them. Any time Apple make an announcement about a new product or upgrade the Internet lights up with the news, it is huge, everyone wants to know what they are making next. If Apple were to produce their own aid or at least heavily promote their collaboration with big-name aid manufacturers then hearing aids will go mainstream overnight, they will become cool and the stigma around wearing them will disappear in a flash.

There will be massive innovation in technology

Apple are renowned for innovating, i they turn the hearing aid industry on its head in the same way as they did to the music industry with the iPod and the download Store, and personal computing with the iPad then we are going to see massive changes in the way we use our aids.

I am ridiculously excited about the Apple/hearing news, if Apple are serious about the industry then we are in for a real treat.