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Audiology a good career choice in 2009 has put together what is considers to be the 30 best careers in 2009 that offer a good outlook for the future and high job satisfaction.

They’ve selected Audiologist in their list and go on to say:

An advantage is that audiology is an under-the-radar career—few people consider it, so competition isn’t as keen as it might be. You’d think demand for audiologists would be rapidly increasing, with all the aging boomers and the increased special-education testing of children. But increasingly, lower-salaried ear technicians do much of what audiologists do. So, job growth in this small profession (13,000 people nationwide) is expected to be just average. The education requirement isn’t, however: Now, a doctor of audiology degree is required.

They also have some data on average salaries in the field:

Median (with eight years in the field): $62,200

25th to 75th percentile (with eight or more years of experience): $57,700-$81,200

Note: With the now required Au.D. and/or C.C.C.-A certifications, salaries are often $85,000 or more.

Original article via Hearing Review.

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