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We Need Your Help, Shape The Future of Hearing Aids With Your Input     Find Out More – How an iPad can be an incredibly useful tool for hearing aid practices

I created a web-application for hearing aid practices a while back, it’s called Earmeter – essentially, it’s a patient-engagement tool that aims to help both the hearing professional and the patient get the most from each other. I’ve started a blog on the Earmeter site, it will be more industry-focused than Hearing Aid Know, I’ll still be writing on here too. This is a snippet of the first post on there, about using an iPad:

Hearing aid consumers are becoming more tech-savvy all the time, baby-boomers and younger patients are already using the latest gadgets in their everyday lives, so why not bring your consultation up to date with some new technology for your patient?

A tablet computer for the patient to use during consultations is potentially a great way to help them to understand their hearing loss, hearing aids and to keep them fully engaged in the process of improving their hearing.


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