Need Help? Patient engagement for audiology practices

Earmeter: Patient engagement for audiology practicesEarmeter is web-based software that allows audiology practices and their patients to work more closely during and after hearing aid trials.

Practices can automate communications with patients so that they can provide timely and in-depth information about the new hearing aid(s) on trial, hearing loss and anything else that a patient needs to know to get the most from their trial and new hearing experience. Earmeter aims to make it easier for practices to provide all the information that they know their patients need but can’t cram into a one-hour consultation.

A critical part of any hearing aid trial is the feedback from the patient, Earmeter helps with that too.

Practices can set up questions for the patient to answer during the trial. Questions can be asked once on a specific day of the trial or they can be asked multiple times at different intervals. For example, “You’ve had your hearing aids for a week now, are you able to listen more easily to the TV than you did last week?” could be asked on day 7 of the trial and, “Did you struggle to hear anyone talking today?” could be asked every day, every two days or twice a week. Patients are given a username/password by the dispenser/audiologist and can login to Earmeter from any PC or device, once logged-in they get a set of questions to answer for that day. Earmeter tracks how many and how often patients are logging in and answering and keeps a running total – this allows practices to monitor a patient’s progress and also means that they can offer incentives for a completed set of questions during a trial.

Why I built Earmeter

I built Earmeter in the last 6 months of 2011. My aim was to make the process of buying and trialling a new hearing as simple as possible, for both the seller and the buyer. The seller wants happy customers and the buyer wants the best chance of hearing everything they want to hear. I hope Earmeter can make that happen.