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Audiosync iNSTAFit: first impression

I visited Ascent last week for a bit of re-programming and while I was there I managed to get a quick look at the new iNSTAFit hearing aid from Audiosync.

The iNSTAFit is part of the iSync family and is running on the same S Series technology from Starkey. What makes it different from the iSync is that it is not moulded to fit your ear, instead the aid is a thin straight tube and so one size fits all. It’s about as wide as a pencil and about 2cm long – it’s small. As you can see from the picture below, it’s only very slightly wider than the battery that’s in it.

From L to R: iSync, iNSTAFit, S Series 11

You wear the iNSTAFit in the rubber case as you see it above, it has a bit of rubber that extends about 1cm from the top that you use to pull it out of your ear. The rubber shell also doubles as a way to keep the battery in place.
I don’t have the fitting range of the iNSTAFit to hand but I believe it is being sold as being suitable for up to moderate-severe hearing loss whereas the iSync can support a severe loss.
I’ve already written about how impressed I am with my iSyncs and seeing as the iNSTAFit is running the same technology I can only assume it’s good too but I haven’t actually tried one out. Gotta be worth checking out if you want an invisible hearing aid.