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Banbury Hearing Centre

If you live in or around Oxfordshire, UK then I highly recommend Banbury Hearing Centre as a great audiologist and hearing aid vendor.

I’ve been there twice recently to be fitted with a new pair of Starkey S Series aids and have received a really first-class service.

John Enderbury is the audiologist there. I had two one-hour appointments with him – both of which stretched over the hour because John took the time to explain my new aid’s features and answer any questions I had. It didn’t feel like I was on a conveyor-belt like it has done in the past with some other vendors. John also does home-visits for those that can’t make it to their shop.

The thing that really sold them to me was that I got a cup of tea while I was in there. Yeah, it’s the small things that matter! A good brew was very welcome as I sat there waiting for ear-moulds, aid checks and so on.

Banbury Hearing Centre has a small shop in White Lion Walk and their telephone number is: 01295 268 333. You can get directions to their shop using Google.

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