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Been busy

I haven’t written much on here lately, just had a look and I’ve written 4 posts in the last 3 months, surprisingly that’s not due to laziness; I have in fact been beavering away on a new website. And it’s now finished.

Well, it’s finished in that it’s ready for release but I have a lot of more ideas planned for it in the future. The site is at It’s a patient-engagement tool for audiologists and hearing aid vendors, the idea is to make it easier to get information and guidance to patients during their hearing aid trials and to also be able to collect daily updates from the patient about how they are getting on with their new aids.

I’m excited about it, think it’s something that could help everyone, patients and sellers. I’m going to write a proper post about it but I thought I’d just let you know why I haven’t been posting much lately.

Would love to know your thoughts on Earmeter, good or bad, bring it on.

Thanks to everyone who is still subscribing to my RSS and email feeds, my subscriber numbers have actually gone up while I haven’t been writing, not sure what that is telling me!