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Is anyone else hearing that?

Today was one of those days......

I pulled into the office car park, switched the engine off and opened the door to let some air in. I don't usually wear my hearing aids when I'm driving alone, so I grabbed my charging case, took out the right-side hearing aid and put it in, then the left side (for some reason I always put the right ear in first).

Almost immediately both hearing aids were getting a lot of feedback, which has never happened before. I shook my head a bit and moved them in my ears a bit to try and kill the feedback but it carried on. I could also hear some other sound along with the feedback, something like an alarm.

My first thought was that the aids were either broken or needed cleaning, so I took them both out and cleaned the wax guards and microphones as best I could on my shirt. Still feedback.

So now I'm sitting there in the car park and I'm thinking..."Are other people hearing this alarm?" I look about and everyone is just doing the normal trudge to the office from the car, nobody is doing anything unusual. So my aids must be going wrong, am I going to have to go home and get them sorted?

My next thought is that I'll walk up the road a bit and see if the feedback stops, so I step out of the car and as I do I grab my keys from the ignition.

The feedback stops. The alarm sound stops.

And then I car was beeping at me because I'd left the key in the ignition with the door open and handily, beeping at me with just the right sound to cause some feedback.

Have to wonder what the people getting out of the cars nearby were thinking as I sat there for a good 10 minutes, car alarm going off and a confused look on my face.

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Steve Claridge

Steve Claridge

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I have been wearing hearing aids since I was five years old, when a mild hearing loss was first diagnosed - now aged 45, that mild loss has progressed to a severe one and I rely on some pretty awesome hearing aid technology to be able to stay in the conversation. I'm passionate about helping people to understand hearing loss, hear more and communicate more easily.

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