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Buying RIC or Thin Tube Hearing Aids? Consider Custom Tips!

More Comfort, Better Sound, Less Feedback, What's Not To Like?

A recent introduction by Widex got us thinking, my wife says that is never a good thing. After the incident....... I am inclined to agree with her. Anyway, back to the introduction. They brought out a new type of custom tip for their Receiver In Canal and Thin Tube hearing aids. Custom tips are really fantastic pieces of kit and I realised that I have never explained why. So, let's talk custom tips and why you should consider them if you are buying hearing aids.

Custom Hearing Aid Tips 

Flex Hard Solid Shell, custom tip for Widex hearing aids

RIC and Thin Tube hearing aids are pretty popular devices. They offer fantastic qualities in pretty discreet packages. RICs in particular are suitable for all types of and levels of hearing loss which makes them really attractive. Widex and other hearing aid brands have made custom tips for their Thin Tube and RIC digital hearing solutions for many years. 

Widex has just introduced a new design of custom tip for theirs which looks like a really good option. They call it the Flex Hard Solid Shell, very utilitarian in their names is Widex, no fancy smancy rubbish here. They say that the new custom tip offers:

  • Longer tip length to optimise gain, reduce risk for feedback, and provide better retention.
  • Extended sound bore to provide double wax protection. By putting a Nanocare™ waxguard at the end of the receiver and then again at the end of the shell, the receiver has double the protection against wax and debris.

The custom tip is available for Widex EASYWEAR RIC S, M and P-receivers, and for both their THIN TUBE 0.9 and 1.4. This isn't the only tip they make available and it joins the other custom tips in the line-up. 

The design of the tip is interesting, it gives a deeper fit into the canal which offers better sound and probably a more secure fit. The extended soundbore with the doubled wax guard for RICs will also mean that the receivers are better protected. If you are buying RICs, wax is always your enemy, it will kill your receiver dead if you don't take care of it. The double protection here should ensure that receiver failures are almost non existent. With the caveat, that you still need to change the damned wax guard, oh and try a drying kit as well. Your pocket will thank you. Receivers aren't cheap!

Like I said, Widex aren't the only hearing aid brand that offers custom tips. They are a great solution and they offer many benefits over the instant tips. If you are an active individual good retention in the ear is important. Custom tips offer pretty excellent retention and fit. I mean they are custom made to your ear canal, you can't really get a better fit than that. So if you are buying hearing aids, consider getting custom tips for them.

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