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David Ormerod Hearing Centre: I’m not impressed!

I was doing some shopping in my local Boots last week and, because I had 15 minutes to spare, I decided to pop into the in-store David Ormerod Hearing Centre that to check out there service and prices.

No-one else was waiting or being seen by the assistant so I was shown straight in. I briefly explained my situation to her: Currently have analogue ITEs that aren’t powerful anymore and am looking to go digital. I asked her what brands they were offering and how much they were selling them for – she seemed happy to talk through the makes and models but sidestepped any questions on price. That made me immediately assume that their prices weren’t too good. She was also dead keen on getting my name and address and booking me an appointment with the Audiologist – a bit pushy for my liking!

Next, and this was the question I was really interested in asking, I asked her what would happen if I purchased hearing aids from them and I didn’t like them – what would happen if I just couldn’t get on with them? Basically, was there a trial period? “You can try them for a month and if you don’t like them you can have your money back or try something else. But, the Audiologist will know what you need”. Fair enough, the return policy is fine. But then, and this is where she lost herself a potential customer, she said ,”You know that there is times in life when you just have to get on with things and do the best with what you’ve got. The aid may not be perfect for you but you just need to do the best with what you’ve got”. Are you joking, lady? You want me to pay you somewhere between £1500 and £3000 for a hearing aid that I would just have to put up with? If I’m spending that sort of money I expect something that’s perfect for me – not something I have to try and do the best with.

I headed for the door pretty soon after that.