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Donate used hearing aids in Palm Beach County

The Hearing Aid Bank, a program of the Deaf Service Center of Palm Beach County, provides used and recycled hearing aids free to those in financial need.

Many people have the misconception that hearing aids cannot be re-used. That is basically true and there are three good reasons why a person should not use another’s hearing aid (1) sanitary issues; (2) everyone’s prescription is different and using the wrong prescription could possibly be damaging; and (3) it would be very uncomfortable since the shape of the portion that fits in the ear canal is customized to each person’s ear.

But, the donation of used hearing aids to the Hearing Aid Bank provides individuals in financial need with the opportunity to hear again. The Hearing Aid Bank refurbishes behind-the-ear style of hearing aid because the portion that goes in the ear is removed and a new “mold” is custom made for the new user, for a very nominal fee. If the hearing aid uses newer technology and is “programmable,” it can be changed appropriately for the new user.

The donations of used hearing aids that cannot be refurbished are still very important. They are returned to the manufacturers where parts are salvaged and the Hearing Aid Bank receives a credit towards repairs of broken hearing aids for the Hearing Aid Bank patients.

The person who donates a used hearing aid can use it as a tax deduction, and the individual who cannot afford to purchase a new hearing aid, receives one specifically tailored to their needs.

Help the Hearing Aid Bank at the Deaf Service Center provide a better quality of life for those who are disadvantaged. In Delray Beach, call 561-278-6444.

The Deaf Service Center is a Town of Palm Beach United Way, Community Foundation of Palm Beach & Martin Counties, and United Way of Palm Beach County community partner.