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Earplug sales soar at World Cup

The gossip Web site is reporting that in response to the rampant use of vuvuzela horns during World Cup soccer matches, earplug sales have exploded since the group stage matches began in South Africa last week. 

TMZ has said it spoke with to two major earplug suppliers based in South Africa — Ear Plugs Online and Sheppard Medical — and each are boasting increases in sales.

A rep for EPO told TMZ their sales are up 121% — having sold more than 10,000 sets of plugs and counting.  Sheppard Medical said they’ve moved more than 400,000 sets since kickoff, a 20% increase.

Both companies said they wouldn’t be surprised if they each sold over one million sets by the end of the World Cup.

SOURCE: TMZ via Hearing Review.

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