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Fit for exam, but unfit for bureaucracy

Written by Steve Claridge

just read an interesting article on the Times Of India site. It tells the story of three hearing-impaired civil servants who are not receiving work from the civil service due to each of them having a hearing problem. What makes this particularly odd is the fact they all – along with 9 other disabled applicants – passed entry exams to join the service. It seems that their hearing problems were not a concern to their employers at exam-time, but were deemed a problem when it actually came time to give them some work.

The article mentions that the civil-service is required to make sure 3% of there workforce have disabilities to meet the 1995 Disability Act. Two of the applicants were denied work because their hearing loss was deemed too acute and the third, bizarrely, was denied because they were judged to not be sufficiently disabled to qualify.

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