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Free NHS hearing aid batteries for some!

I posted this last week. There’s a comment on that post from Alison in which she says that hearing aid batteries have always been free in the UK – so I decided to check it out because I have always paid for mine!

I phoned the ENT department of my local hospital and asked them if I could get batteries from the NHS even though I had bought my aids privately. The answer? No. Fair enough, I suppose, but I don’t see why I shouldn’t be able to get some? Maybe its a cost issue for the NHS but as a tax-paying UK citizen who is illegable for other NHS treatments, it seems a bit odd to turn me down for some batteries? Ah, well….

It was a visit to my GP surgery that started this free battery hunt off, I’m still waiting to hear back from them as to whether they will supply me with batteries – I may get some luck there but I doubt it as they will be getting them through the NHS too.