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Get hearing aids repaired or cleaned at The Hearing Aid Repair Shop

The Hearing Aid Repair Shop is part of the Mary Hare Foundation, a UK charity that provides schooling for deaf and severely hard-of hearing children.

The repair shop began operating in 2002 by repairing aids for children and young adults. Recently they’ve started fixing hearing aids for adults too and now offer a post service. Impressively, they will fix any make and model of hearing aid.

At the time of writing, you can get your hearing aid cleaned, checked and tested for £20, and you can get a repair for £78, which includes a 6 month warranty, postage and packing and a pack of batteries!

That’s really good prices and would be a great way to fix or breath some new life into your ailing or broken aid.

Visit The Hearing Aid Repair Shop or Mary Hare websites for more info.