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My review of the GN ReSound Linx 3D RIC hearing aid

Great Sound and Even Better Connectivity

I've been wearing a pair of GN ReSound's Linx 3D hearing aids for about a month now and I have to say I am more than happy with them. I have been wearing hearing aids for over 25 years, but funnily enough, this is my first pair of ReSound hearing devices - I was a little worried I might find it difficult to switch to a new style of sound after being so used to wearing other brands but the Linx 3D have been easy to wear and has sounded completely natural. You really need to try these out. 

LiNX 3D bluetooth connectivity

One thing that has really blown me away about these hearing aids is the connectivity they have with other devices. I'd never really bothered considering bluetooth hearing aids before as I thought I just wanted good quality sound and speech recognition during my normal day - whilst the Linx 3D has that in spades, the ability to connect my aids to devices I already own and have the audio played straight in to my ears has totally changed the way I do things. Phone calls have stopped being something to avoid and are now a pleasure. I communicate with my business partner Geoff via instant message mostly, however, since I got the LiNX 3D, we now do phone calls!

I've split this review up in to several parts for two reasons, the first is to make it easier to read, the second is because I think there is much to talk about. So, here is how it will play out, let's talk about the LiNX 3D:

1. What's in the box? 
2. Performance in every day use, speech in noise, etc.
3. Bluetooth connectivity for phone calls, iPad and music.
4. Personalisation, the phone app and never seeing my audiologist again.



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