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Google introduces automatic captioning for YouTube

youtubeGoogle announced a few weeks ago that they have added the ability to auto-caption YouTube videos. That means that when the project is complete we will be able to have captions on any YouTube video whether the original uploader of the video added captions or not. Pretty damn awesome and it answers this question pretty conclusively!

The ability for people to add captions manually when they upload their videos has been around to many years. But the process of adding captions was too much for most people to bother with and hardly any videos on YouTube today have manually added captions.

Currently, auto captioning (Auto-Caps) is not available for all videos, it is still in testing and is only available on a selection of YouTube’s content. Here’s a Google video explaining how it works:

Give it a go, see what you think and most importantly, send your feedback to Google so that they can improve the service.