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Problem with double-note sound from hearing aids

Can you help with this problem?

I got an email from Michael about a problem that he is having with his Starkey 5 RIC aids – I’ll let him explain:

In the higher registers of an instrument there seems to be two notes, side by side, one slight flatter than the other and one of them slightly late. So every note, whether from an instrument, voice, whistle, cell phone beep, car door beep, ignition warning, etc. has the distortion.  Not all speaking voices but some. And it is all the time in any mode. When I sneeze I sound like a Wookie – no kidding.

Has anyone come across this problem before? Apparently Michael’s audiologist has said that there’s nothing they can do about it.

He is running the standard programmes: normal, music and restaurant – all of which have the double-note sound. I’ve suggested that he get his audiologist to create some new programmes that massively reduce (or, if possible, turn off) noise reduction, compression and feedback elimination to see if that helps.

I know that some hearing aids produce an opposite sound to break the feedback loop but I don’t know if Starkey use that or whether it would ever be audible?

Any help greatly appreciated.