Hearing Aid Market – buy/sell/give hearing aids online

Firstly, I want to to say sorry for not writing much recently and thanks for waiting it out and not unsubscribing from this RSS feed.

Even though I haven’t written much I have not been totally idle. I’ve been building a new part to the site called:

Hearing Aid Market

Don’t know if you remember but I wrote a long time ago asking if people would buy/sell or give hearing aids through this site – a lot of people replied saying that they would. I even managed to put someone who wanted an aid in touch with someone who was giving one away – it was a good start.

So, I am writing this to ask you a massive favour: Could you try out Hearing Aid Market and let me know what you think?

It’s not quite finished yet, I’m still working on a few bits of code and I also need to add text (especially on the about screen). Even though it’s not 100% I would be unbelievably grateful if you could take 15 minutes and register on the site, add a few hearing aids, try the contact us page, browse around, try and break stuff, do whatever you want! All of the user accounts and hearing aids will be deleted before it gets released to the general public so feel free to sign up as Mickey Mouse or whatever.

The address is: http://market.deafness-and-hearingaids.net/

If you can spare 15 minutes to give it a go then please, please give honest feedback. If you think it stinks then please tell me! All feedback to steve@deafness-and-hearingaids.net

And, finally, a big thanks to Sarah for testing it already :)



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