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Hearing aids still considered an old people thing

Despite all the advances in hearing technology over the past few years, a survey conducted by the Phonak Hear the World initiative has found that people still associate hearing aids with old age more than any other accessory, including wheelchairs, glasses, canes and crutches. 4,405 people, aged from 14-65 in the United Kingdom, America, France, Germany, Switzerland and Italy were questioned. The top three reasons given for not wearing a hearing aid included not wanting to admit having hearing loss in public. Despite this, 93 percent responded that they would wear a hearing aid if it was necessary. “Hearing loss and the solutions available to treat it have long been misunderstood and the survey findings point to exactly that,” said Dr. Craig Kasper, chief audiology officer of Audio Hel Associates of Manhattan. “Hearing aids have come a long way and it is important to the well being of those with hearing loss that these misconceptions be addressed.”

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