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Hearing aids suck!

There’s an article in WIRED magazine by Erin Biba called “Why Things Suck: Hearing Aids”.

The article starts by, quite rightly, stating that hearing aids are too expensive – I couldn’t agree more. It then goes on to talk about directional microphones, inadequate feedback and noise reduction and, finally, the the fact that insurance rarely covers hearing aids.

Why Things suck: hearing aid

Do you agree that feedback and noise reduction systems aren’t good enough?I don’t have a problem with feedback and I am wearing my Starkey Destinys at almost full volume all the time – the feedback reduction works for me. I don’t use the noise reduction so I’m not sure how good that is.

I think the Wired article is overly negative but that’s probably because I’ve have mostly good experiences with my hearing aids over the years and have come to ignore the little problems like occasional excessive background noise and so on. Do you think hearing aid tech is good enough as it is or is there a lot of room for improvement?