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Hearing Loss, Its Effects, & The Difference Hearing Aids Make

Geoffrey Cooling

Sarah Vokes who owns Correct Hearing in Nottingham was on BBC Radio Nottingham last year and we decided to highlight it. Correct Hearing is a part of the Hearing Aid Know Network of trusted Hearing Aid Providers in Nottingham. The piece was excellent, outlining the dramatic effect on quality of life of hearing loss on a sufferer. It also outlined the differences that hearing aids can make. As always, Sarah spoke a lot of sense and gave great advice. Colin, from Newark gave us a sense of his own experiences with hearing loss.

Sarah Vokes, Hearing Aid Centre Nottingham

It was Colin's excellent explanation of his hearing loss and its effects that really made us post this article. It is succinct, clear and insightful. It also helps anyone to understand what the dramatic effect of hearing loss is. No more talking from me, have a listen to this.

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