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Sounds like love: hearing aids can bring couples closer together

This is a Valentine’s Day-related study from Hear The World that looked into how hearing loss can affect relationships with loved ones:

It’s no secret that clear communication between partners is key to a long and lasting relationship and, following a new study, more than 60 per cent of UK hearing aid wearers say their relationship has improved since being fitted with a hearing device.

The new international study, which surveyed 4,300 people across the UK, Germany, France, Switzer-land and the US found that 81 per cent of partners without hearing loss welcome the fact that their significant other wears a hearing aid and say it has had a positive effect on their relationship. Furthermore, 40 per cent believe they are getting more attention from their partner since they have been wearing a hearing aid.

The study was conducted by Hear the World, a global initiative by leading hearing aid manufacturer Phonak, which calls attention to the importance of taking care of your hearing and highlights the social and emotional impact of hearing loss as well as the solutions available for those who suffer.

Relationship expert Professor Guy Bodenmann from the Psychological Institute of the University of Zurich, Switzerland, said: “Various studies show how important communication is for a harmonious relationship. The readiness and ability to adequately listen and respond to each other is one of the most important foundations of a satisfactory partnership. Untreated hearing loss can lead to a disruption in the dialogue between partners and cause misunderstandings and arguments. This can be positively countered by a hearing aid.”

According to the study, self confidence is also cited as a key area of improvement as 29 per cent of people with hearing loss said they feel more attractive and desirable since wearing their hearing aids.

Nearly three quarters (74 per cent) of people without hearing loss have no problem with dating someone who wears a hearing aid, while 59 per cent of hearing aid wearers say they find it easy to meet someone who is relationship material – more than the general population (51 per cent).

I like Hear The World, they are doing some great stuff to raise awareness of hearing loss and hearing care.