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Hearing loss simulator for the iPad by Starkey Labs

This is from the iTunes hearing loss simulator app store page:

“Have you ever wondered what it’s like to have a hearing loss? Do you have a family member with hearing loss? The Hearing Loss Simulator allows you to choose a specific hearing loss configuration and then listen to sounds as though you have that particular hearing loss. The Hearing Loss Simulator contains pre-recorded common sounds and has the option to let you record your own voice for playback through the different hearing loss configurations. The Hearing Loss Simulator includes graphics to show where the common sounds, speech, and individual speech sounds are located for loudness and frequency.”

This looks great! I wish I had an iPad just to get this app (which isn’t going to happen seeing as iPads are £500 here in the UK). I’m going to email Starkey to see if there’s an iPod version. I’d love to be able to show some other people how I hear.