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Hearing well makes the difference between a good day and a horribly bad day

How well my day goes is more or less governed by how well I am hearing. I’ve written before that subtle changes in how much I can hear happen day-to-day.

If I’m hearing well then I am full of confidence, happy and outgoing. I’m starting conversations, joining in group conversation, I’m out and about and enjoying the day. I’m talking to people I don’t know when I’m out walking the dog. I’m answering the telephone without a second thought. I’m pleased to see people. I can go anywhere and achieve anything, the world is my oyster.

If I’m not hearing well then my attitude is completely different. I’m not seizing the day, it’s passing me by. I’m moody and depressed, not rude but I’m doing everything to avoid conversation. Instead of joining in groups I’m on the sidelines, looking bored. I’m making excuses to get away. No, I don’t want to go for coffee, thanks. The telephone is my enemy. I know the people who talk quietly so I’m giving them a wide berth. I feel useless, resentful and alone on these days.