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Lean BSL online with SignpostBSL

imgsplogo2.jpgThe Signpost website is a great resource for anyone who wants to learn BSL.

They have a fingerspelling video tutorial that goes through the alphabet – you can zoom the video in and out, you can view it in slow-motion and you can also view left of right-handed spelling. More impressively there is another option that allows you to type in a word and it will be finger-spelt back to you – again there are left/right, zoom and slo-mo options.

Singpost also have a learn-a-sign-a-day video. Every weekday a new sign is shown for you to learn – what I really like about this is that alongside the video is a textual description of the sign. For example, today’s sign is Cupid and the textual description is, “One arm is bent at the elbow near the body with the other held out away from the body. Splay the fingers then using the middle finger of each hand curl onto the thumb and flick out from the thumb. This is displaying the bow and arrow action.”. This a great help when the sign is complicated and difficult follow.