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Legwarmers for your ears, anyone?

J from Grumpyolddeafies is -->less than convinced by DeafEquipment’s Ear Gear range. She’s right, they do look uncannily like legwarmers. But, hey, legwarmers were pretty huge in the 1980s and they looked hideous too!

This does lead on to an important question though: Can hearing aids be cool?

It wasn’t so many years ago that glasses where uncool, nowadays they are ultra stylish and no-one has a problem wearing them. Can’t say the same for hearing aids though. I may be wrong, but I believe that they are still perceived in a negative light by many people, they are not cool by a long stretch. Will they ever be? Possibly, but it’s difficult to see how. Maybe the fact the many prominent musicians wear ear pieces at live gigs to reduce background noise will go some way to making them less uncool.

Full marks to DeafEquipment for trying but I can’t see many people parading around the shops with bright yellow or khaki ears!