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Meet The Linx 3D, The Latest Made For iPhone Hearing Aids From GN Resound

I am actually quite excited to meet the latest Linx Made For iPhone hearing aids from GN Resound. Steve has been wearing them for the last two weeks and is absolutely blown away by them. I will leave him to tell you more about that, which he will in a series of articles next week. For now, let's meet the Linx 3D. You can also read about Bluetooth hearing aids available here

So what have I learned today

I am actually really surprised by the feedback from Steve my business partner. He has been wearing hearing aids for nearly thirty years, so he knows what he is talking about. He is really impressed with the hearing aids, however, I won't steal his thunder and you can read what he has to say next week. 

In relation to the hearing aids, they are excellent devices as you would expect from modern hearing aids. The really new and exciting story is probably both the new updated app and the remote assistance. Firstly, the app gives a user far more control over their hearing.

I think this is an excellent advance, it might not be for everyone, but the people who want that will be pleased. The remote assistance feature is delivered effortlessly. It is intuitive and easy for the user, and it supplies excellent information for the provider.

Delivering the assistance is easy and the process of applying the changes for the user is simple. I think that this manner of delivering assistance is the way forward. I would not see it as a replacement for face to face time, but as a compliment to it. There are times that users just want some help with one or two situations in a hurry.

The system allows you to deliver it, that has to be a good thing for both the user and the provider. We will discuss the new aids in a series of articles, for now, I am pretty impressed, let's see what happens when they are in the loud.  

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