11 things about me, my hearing and my hearing aids

1. I take my hearing aids out when shaving because I can’t stand the scraping noise of the razor.

2. Wind noise is my biggest problem with my hearing aids.

3. I take my hearing aids out when driving to and from work for a bit of peace and quiet.

4. Hand-dryers always make my right hearing aid whistle with feedback.

5. I usually wait at least half-an-hour in the morning before putting my aids in.

6. I always have some spare batteries in the car and usually some in my pocket. Don’t think I’ve ever needed them though.

7. Motorbikes are way too loud.

8. I only listen to music on noise-reducing headphones.

9. The fast, bass-heavy dance music I liked when I was younger just gives me a headache these days.

10. I can hear remarkably well at the local swimming pool even though I’m not wearing my aids.

11. I don’t pick up accents, there’s an American guy in our office, I thought he was Australian.

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