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Music lovers warned about hearing loss

hearing loss warningThe RNID have released a report called “Like it Loud?” as part of their Don’t Lose The Music campaign. The report is a call to both the Government and the Music industry to take steps to promote the issue of noise as a public health concern.

The research in the report shows an alarming ignorance among young people about the damage they are potentially doing to their hearing at gigs, clubs and other noisy venues. The report argues that in order for people to take responsibility for protecting their hearing, they must be given clear information about dangerous noise levels and steps they can take to prevent hearing damage.

The RNID calls on the Government to

  • Establish a recommended noise level for music events and venues
  • Educate young people about noise as a public health risk

and the Music industry to

  • Ensure venues have areas will people can take a break from the noise, in which noise levels should not exceed 85dB
  • Publish noise levels in venues along with warnings and advice about hearing damage
  • Make earplugs readily available and promote their use

You can read the full report here. It has also been mentioned on the BBC.