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Online Audiogram creator

I’ve created a little online tool that allows you to enter your hearing test results onto an audiogram.

Online Audiogram Creator

At the moment it’s very basic but I’m hoping to add to it. You can enter the result for your left or right ear and then right-click on the audiogram to save it as a picture to your computer.

I’d like to add some different audiogram graphs for you to put your results on: one that’s just an empty graph, one similar to the one I already have that show the different scales of hearing loss and another that shows the speech banana and common sounds.

Does anyone have good quality audiogram images that I could use? I’d be happy to put a note on saying “images supplied by X” with a link to your site. I’ve looked around the net but most of the audiogram pictures are scans from paper that look awful.

I might also add the ability to save your hearing test results to that you can later refer back to them to see how your hearing is compared to your last test. Was also thinking about uploading people’s results, along with their age and country and then gathering some stats on them – you could then see how your hearing compared to other’s of the same age etc. Just an idea.

What do you think. Is this tool completely pointless? Should I add anything to it? Is anything missing or wrong? Comments very welcome.