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Phonak launches the Audéo S SMART Ceramics

You can read all about the latest Phonak RIC Hearing Aids here. This is a press release from Phonak about their Audéo S SMART Ceramic hearing aid:

The world’s most sophisticated hearing aid is being launched in the UK combining an unrivalled level of performance with a stylish design. Enclosed in a luxurious ceramic housing, the tiny device – just 2cm in length – sits discreetly behind the ear and allows optimum hearing in all environments.

The Audéo S SMART Ceramics, developed by Phonak, the world’s leading manufacturer of hearing instruments, is the first ever hearing aid to utilise a premium quality material and takes a step forward from traditional polymer housings. Due to its versatile properties ceramics are used in a variety of other luxury consumer products such as knife blades, watch casings and even protect space shuttles on re-entry into the atmosphere.

The hearing aid’s sleek ceramic housing provides a highly-polished, scratch-resistant surface for the discerning customer as well as hypoallergenic properties to reduce skin irritation. Cool to touch, the material quickly reaches body temperature and reduces perspiration behind the ear.

Audéo S SMART Ceramics is powered by the newest Phonak microchip technology which allows the user to accurately identify subtle sound changes in the environment and control the volume directly at the ear, via a push button or with a remote control. It also offers unlimited wireless connectivity to TVs, telephones and MP3 players.

Approximately 12 million people (one in five adults) in Britain currently experience hearing difficulties and this figure is expected to rise to one in three by 2025.

Suitable for mild to moderate hearing loss, the Audéo S SMART Ceramics will help meet a growing demand from the baby boomer generation, the young at heart consumers in their 50s and 60s who want to boost their hearing to stay at their best but don’t want to draw attention to a problem typically associated with ageing. According to experts, people currently struggle for 10 years on average before seeking advice.

Furthermore, the Audéo S SMART’s unique combination of sophisticated audio technology and luxurious exterior has just beaten product entries from more than 35 countries to win the prestigious international iF product design award. Since their introduction in 1953, the iF awards have been a reliable indicator of outstanding quality in design.

Phonak UK MD, Stuart Neilson, says “Stylish, sophisticated and smaller in size, the Audéo S SMART Ceramics is a significant advancement in hearing technology. The high value, ceramic device is both stylish in look and powerful in performance, ensuring strong appeal with the younger market.”

Audéo S SMART Ceramics will be available from private audiologists nationwide and will be launched in the UK from February 2011. Visit for further information.