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Phonak CORE technology

Phonak’s revolutionary chip technology powers three exciting new Digital Wireless Accessories: iCom brings Bluetooth to the hearing impaired; the myPilot command center provides full-color display feedback; and iCube enables totally CableFree Fitting.The CORE (Communication Optimized Real-audio Engine) technology developed for the chip used in the new Exélia and Naída hearing instruments permits wireless communication between the left and right hearing instruments and has now produced a trio of leading-edge accessories.

phonak_icom1.jpgOutstanding among the three is iCom, a communication interface that hangs around the neck and fits into your life like your MP3 player or cell phone. Featuring full stereo sound, broadband audio streaming, FM connectivity and Bluetooth, it is designed to provide unlimited wireless connection to entertainment and communication devices.

iCom receives Bluetooth signals from a mobile phone, wirelessly streaming them to both Exélia or Naída instruments like a Bluetooth headset. As a result, hearing impaired people using their cell phones will be in a better position to understand in noisy situations than people with normal hearing. And accessing the full range of functions couldn’t be easier: they’re all available at the touch of a single button.

But Bluetooth isn’t intended just for phone use: it hooks an iCom up to all the other devices that are part of our lives, such as laptops, MP3 players, televisions, GPS and stereo systems. The alternative to Bluetooth is a wired connection between the audio jack of iCom and the headphone output of any audio device. To integrate FM solutions, simply click an FM receiver on iCom and you can pick up speech with a transmitter and receive it in a range of up to 65 feet.

phonak_mypilot.jpgAlthough modern digital hearing instruments are designed to work automatically, some end-users welcome the option of manual control. With myPilot, Phonak introduces a brand-new generation of remote controls with a host of new functionalities that provide access to completely new features such as ZoomControl. Bidirectional communication between myPilot and the hearing instrument allows wearers to change individual settings and obtain useful status information such as battery levels, volume, or current program. This information is shown on a large color display. Convenient functions such as time and date displays and an alarm are also integrated.

phonak_icube.jpgFinally, new wireless CORE technology simplifies the programming process for the fitter. Until now, connections between hearing instruments and the PC have been established with cables. The iCube fitting device facilitates CableFree Fitting by streaming the fitting data wirelessly to the hearing instruments. The result: reliable, hassle-free fitting, according to Phonak.

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Source: Phonak via The Hearing Review