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Phone programmes….. hello? Hello? HELLO?

All modern hearing aids come with a phone programme, it’s a setting that the hearing aid automatically switches to when you put a phone to your ear. The programme normally reduces the volume of the sound coming from the phone and, I think, also reduces pitch to try and eliminate any feedback that might occur from having a phone pressed to your ear.

I’ve never been happy with the phone programme on any of my hearing aids.

They are effective in reducing feedback when making a call but they are also great at making sure I can’t hear a damn thing on the phone! I’ve taken to using a cellphone most of the time these days as they don’t cause the programme to kick in.

I’ve got an appointment with an audiologist next week to get the programme switched off and sort this out once and for all.

How do you cope with using the telephone? Does the phone programme work for you or do you find yourself holding the receiver away from your ear to try and stop the programme kicking in?