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Trying to move from analog hearing aid to a digital one

2019-02-21 100

Asked by E Edward on 21 February 2019

I stumbled across your page while researching hearing aides. Then I noticed that Steve Claridge might be able to help me in my current search for new Hearing Aides. I currently use Phonak PP-C-L 4+. I also have a pair of Phonak Naida Q Up Digital. The digitals remain in my drawer unused because they do not allow me to enjoy Music, Movies, Concerts. Each visit to my Audi left me feeling worst than the last. I will never understand how quick and easy it was for new analogs to work from the first visit while Digital never took even after 15 visits. As my analogs continue to fall apart I am hoping that maybe some at Hearing Aid Know would be able to help me find a Digital aide that is capable of giving me what my analogs deliver. I prefer Analog but seeing nobody makes them anymore I had to ask. The last time I saw my Audi she told me I was due for new HA but I told her that I wanted Analog and not Digital and have never heard back. I am in the US. So any info that would be useful on my next visit would be greatly appreciated.


Answered by Steve Claridge

Moving from analog to digital can be a nightmare. The problem is that digital hearing aids are designed to allow people to hear in a natural way with the most natural sound possible. What you are hearing based on your years of analog use is not natural, so when you switch to digital you don't like the sound. It took me a long while to get used to digital.

I'm presuming that the hearing aid provider has set you up with the digitals on a "analog like" programme? I.e. no noise reduction etc?

The key thing for me was that I switched hearing aid provider and the guy I went to just seemed to grasp my problem and set the aids up for a analog user (he actually usd a kids programme) which enabled me to have something very close to analog and slowly transition to using all the great digital features that I now can't live without.

I would suggest trying a different provider if the current one is not understanding your problem. Also maybe email these guys and see about a repair of your old aids:

2019-02-21 100

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