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Rayovac hearing aid batteries

Rayovac is the #1 best selling hearing aid battery in the world.

rayovac batteriesRayovac produce a range of specially designed batteries for all hearing aids types and also cochlear implants.

I have been using Rayovac batteries in my Siemens ITE hearing aids for a very long time. I honestly cannot remember ever having a dud battery, not once, every one has worked and that’s a lot of batteries over the years! I tend to change them once a week, I think they would probably last longer than this but I’d rather change them regularly than wait for them to run out. I don’t want them to run out when I am away from the house and not able to swap them for some new ones. I guess I could carry some spares but I don’t want them to run out in the middle of a conversation.

Most hearing aid suppliers stock Rayovac these days. I’ve started to see them in many supermarkets here in the UK.

I get a box of 10×6 Rayovac batteries from my hearing aid supplier for about £35 including postage.

You can contact Rayovac directly at:

Rayovac Corporation
PO Box 44960
Madison, WI 53744

Customer service: 1-800-323-1993