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SignHealth launches a text-based support service for Deaf people in crisis

SignHealth, the UK-based charity offering Deaf people assistance with health issues, has launched a text-based support service for those suffering from mental health problems. It is a fantastic step forward to support Deaf people, allowing that support to be delivered on the go in a manner that is suitable for them.

Trained volunteers are on hand to respond to text messages offering support on a range of issues including: suicidal thoughts, bullying, self-harm and relationship problems.

The service is available 24/7 and is completely confidential.

SignHealth’s CEO James Watson-O’Neill, said the charity is “very pleased” to “make this service available to the deaf community. We are confident it will make a huge difference to Deaf people who need support when in a time of crisis."

“Getting the right support is important, especially with a mental health crisis."

“SignHealth’s new service, powered by Shout, aims to offer Deaf people immediate support by connecting them with a trained Shout volunteer promptly 24 hours a day.”

You can read more about the service and the SignHealth charity on their website.

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