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The Deaf DJ feels the vibe

It may not seem the most obvious profession for someone who is profoundly deaf, but Spencer Collins, 34, deaf since birth, has made a name for himself as DJ Harcor. He tells MIKE PILE how he made it on the London club scene.

When  Ascot man Spencer Collins feels the beat, it’s more than just a desire to dance – it helps him ‘hear’ the music.

“I wanted to be a DJ because I love the feel of the music, the vibration, the buzz, the passion and being part of the crowd.

New technology has played a part in his success. “I DJ from my laptop,” he said. He  feels vibrations from the music through the floor.

“That’s what makes me feel so good while I’m playing. Some deaf people don’t have hearing aids and need to sense things through their eyes, or through vibration.”

Spencer, who learned a lot from the resident DJ at Stringfellows Paris, Chris Roberts, has performed to crowds all over the country.

He is DJ-ing at the British Luxury Club in Mayfair and has played for the world-renowned Ministry of Sound. He has ambitions to work in New York, Dubai and Miami.

A former pupil of Emmbrook School in Wokingham, Spencer doesn’t mind being recognised because of his disability.

He said: “I would be very proud to be branded as ‘Deaf DJ’ as it is something that people need to remember.

“There are so many people with disabilities who have dreams like me and deserve to be recognised by everyone.

“Look at Evelyn Glennie. She is a famous deaf percussionist in the orchestral world. Look at Beethoven. These two remarkable musicians, both deaf and feeling music through vibration.”

Spencer has helped set up Club Marmalade, a monthly event at a Wokingham nightclub for disabled people, and wants other deaf people to be able to follow in his footsteps.

Contact him for advice by looking up DJ Harcor on Facebook.

This news item comes from the GetBracknell website. This is an impressive achievement for a deaf man. To DJ to a hearing crowd using only vibrations must be hard but to do it at big-name clubs like the Ministry Of Sound is simply amazing.