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Those things in your ears

People don’t seem to know what to call the things in my ears.

I’m pretty open about the fact that I can’t hear much and that I wear hearing aids. Most people around me day-to-day know I wear them, some even know I write on here.

I quite often talk with people about hearing loss and aids – sometimes people ask where their Mum/Gran/whoever should go to buy some or what the best one to get is.

And yet people can’t seem to say hearing aids. It’s like they are going to insult me if they say those two words – instead people will make up some other name for them like your ear things or something like that.

But I can’t say that I blame them. When talking to someone about their disability you are on shaky ground and you don’t want to say the wrong thing. Guess I would be the same if I was talking to someone in a wheelchair. Even so, it’s strange that it’s the two words, hearing aids, that prove to always be the hard ones to say.