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Tinnitus Awareness Week 6th-12th February 2012

Tinnitus awareness week 2012Tinnitus awareness week 2012, which is run by the British Tinnitus Association (BTA), runs from 6th – 12th February. The theme this year is Raising Awareness in Primary Care. The main goals of the week are to:

  • Ensure GPs are more aware of tinnitus and have a better understanding of the services available in secondary care.
  • Encourage interactions between audiologists and GPs.
  • Get as many copies of their Ten Top Tinnitus Tips for GP’s guide to GP surgeries as possible.

A survey published in the Journal of Evaluation in Clinical Practice, May 2011 showed that around 750,000 people visit their GP each year with tinnitus and the advice they receive varies dramatically. The hope is that raising awareness among GPs will lead to more consistent treatments.

If you would like to help then you can print out a copy of Top Ten Tinnitus Tips for GPs and deliver a copy to your local surgery.