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Never Too Old For Quality of Life

I had a recent experience with someone that really jarred me. We were talking about new hearing aids, their existing ones needed repair and were getting to the stage that their ongoing life expectancy was limited. I told them that I would send them away for repair to see if the manufacturer would do it. I also said that as they were nearly ten years old, it might be time to consider new ones. They said well I am pretty old now, I might not have much longer to live. I wanted to shake them hahaha, but I settled for asking them when did they think they got too old for quality of life? 

Difficult Situation

Situations like this are always difficult for me, I like to get the point across but I always feel like I am straying into selling something to the Patient. Listen, don't get me wrong, that is in fact what I do, I sell hearing aids to customers and then take care of them. However, I always try to offer the very best advice possible, give them all the information and then leave them to make an informed decision. So when I am forced to ask these types of questions I always feel uncomfortable.

They Have To Be Asked

The questions need to be asked though because in doing so, I believe I am helping the person in front of me get to the heart of the matter. In this way, I hope that they can reason their way through their fears. That they can overcome the voices in their heads. Because many times the real problem is some underlying personal struggle.

Too Old, Too Stupid

GN Resound LiNX 3D hearing aids

Such rubbish, you are never too old, and too stupid doesn't even deserve a response. Those are the voices in your head, haven't I told you before to ignore them? Quality of life is important, to believe that it is not is to rob yourself of it. This idea that you might die soon, therefore, you don't deserve an expensive product that will ensure your life is better is balderdash. 

The idea that you might be too stupid to work out how new technology works is also complete balderdash. If someone spends the time to train you and help you, you will have no problems. I always feel that a failure to understand is really a failure in teaching. It simply wasn't explained simply enough. All of this leads me onto Cyrill Blewitt and why he is my new hero.

Cyrill Blewitt Rocks

Yes indeed, Cyrill, you rock mate, Cyrill is 82 and the proud owner of a set of Resound LiNX 3D hearing aids which are making a big difference to his life. Not just that, but Cyrill is actively engaged in hearing better by using the accompanying smartphone app to ensure that he gets the best possible performance out of his devices. Sure as the Pope is Catholic, Cyrill has no worries about being too old, or too stupid. You know what, you shouldn't either. Grab life by the ears and get on living.

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