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What’s that noise? Is it an aeroplane?

aeroplane.jpgWhilst I was out at lunch the other day, I got a call from an old friend that I hadn’t spoken to for months. I was outside when he called – it was a windy day.

He was telling me all about his new Flickr photo sets when suddenly he stopped talking mid-sentence and asked, “What’s that noise? Is it a plane?”. There was nothing overhead and I told him so. “Oh”, he said, “Must just be the wind blowing in your phone’s microphone then”.

Yeah, welcome to my world!

He had wind-noise for the duration of our phone call – I, and no doubt many other hearing aid wearers, have to put up with it every time we step outside. My Starkey Destinys do not cut out the wind-noise at all, in fact, none of the aids that I’ve owned over the years have.

I’ve found that a woolly hat pulled down over my ears is my best defence.

Do you have problems with wind-noise or do your aids cut it out to a decent level?

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