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Wirear – a new design for hearing aids

WirearWe may have just been given a sneak peek into the future of hearing aids by Sun Kyung Sunwoo from the University of Technology, Sydney. She entered her Wirear design into the Australian Design Awards.

It’s a radical departure from the in or behind the ear models we are used to seeing. My initial impression is that it looks ugly but I guess it could grow on me, what do you think?

It’s interesting to see an attempt at a different design – all new products from the big manufacturers seem to be always driving towards smaller models using the same basic shapes and styles. Of course, the Wirear is only a design and may not actually be feasible. Time will tell.

The official product description:

Wirear is an innovation in both form and function. It involves a sleek form that provides flexibility with a multiply colour range to suit the market. Utilisation of emerging energy efficient, ‘micro fuel cell’ extends its usability. No longer are hearing aids a device that carries a prosthetic appearance; they can now be accepted as an elegant fashion accessory that aims to remove the disability stigma attached to existing products and their wearer.