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5 top tips for looking after your hearing aids

Hearing aids are expensive – buying them is a major investment. Look after them and make sure you get maximum performance from them for as long as possible. Because if you take the time to care and maintain them, they will reward you with better hearing for longer

Protect your investment, clean and care for your hearing aids

  • Avoid the shower – When you go for a bath or shower, leave your hearing aids in the bedroom. Steam and moisture will quickly build up in the bathroom while you are in there – that’s not good for your aid.
  • Keep moisture out – Use a dehumidifying product like Hal Hen’s Super Dri Aid to remove moisture from your hearing aid. No matter how careful you are with your aids there will always be some level of moisture getting in – I firmly believe that products like Hal Hen’s help to keep hearing aids in good working order for longer.
  • Clean them – When you take your hearing aids out for the night give the outside casing a quick wipe with a dry or slightly damp cloth to remove any wax or other deposits. Always turn the aids off before cleaning them. If you are using a damp cloth to wipe it is a good idea to remove the battery first. I always keep the battery compartment shut to avoid accidently snapping it off. If you have Behind The Ear hearing aids you can detach the tubing so that you can soak it in soapy water. I plan to do a more compehensive post about cleaning hearing aids sometime soon.
  • Keep them safe – When you buy hearing aids, they usually come in a hard-case box, it is a good idea to store them in that when you are not wearing them. Pretty obvious really! Not only do I keep my aids in their box at night, I also put them on a high-ish shelf – I really don’t want to risk waking to find my daughter playing a game of funny marbles or my dog enjoying a pre-breakfast snack!
  • Get them serviced – Your hearing aid supplier will almost certainly also offer to service your hearing aids for you too. This can be expensive so it’s worth finding out the cost beforehand. Some hearing aid suppliers may offer free servicing for a limited time after you purchased your aids – use it.
  • Avoid contact with make-up and hair spray – The fine particles produced by make-up or hair spray can easily bloke the microphone on your hearing aid.
  • You can see our complete guide to the best way to take care of hearing aids here.