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Adam Savage, Hearing Aids & The Impact on His Life

Adam Savage, he of Mythbusters and Tested fame, spoke in his latest video about the impact that hearing aids have had on his life. In his own words "I got my first set of hearing aids, about a dozen years ago, and they freaking changed my life!" Adam is a well-known Hollywood special effects creator and TV host, and he has worn hearing aids for more than a decade. Adam has suffered what sounds like a congenital problem with his eustachian tube which caused major problems with his middle ears. He has had his left middle ear completely rebuilt.

Ear Anatomy from Phonak

The middle ear cavity is responsible for carrying and amplifying sound waves to the middle ear. Sound waves vibrate the eardrum which in turn works the ossicular chain ( the three small bones in the middle ear) which transfer the sound energy into the inner ear. The middle ear cavity has a small tube connecting the middle ear to the back of the nose and throat.

This tube is called the eustachian tube and it is responsible for drainage and the equalisation of pressure in the middle ear. It is these tubes that caused Adam all of his problems, it sounds like they never functioned properly and the resultant middle ear issues caused the destruction of the middle ear.  It is, in fact, a common enough problem, but the impact ranges from a simple stuffed up feeling and a mild hearing loss to continuous ear infections, damage to the eardrum and ossicular chain and a moderate hearing loss.

Changed His Life

Adam says that hearing aids changed his life, he didn't really understand the impact that hearing loss was having on him, until he began to wear them. His most recent video is a review of his new Widex hearing aids which appear to be the Widex Evoke Fusion 2. He says he upgrades every four or five years, and he can barely believe the improvement this time around.

"The difference between the new state of the art and what I had before is like a sea change. These are not only much clearer, but they give me a much wider sonic range. Music sounds better. They also talk to my phone, and they'll talk to yours, too."

It is clear that Adam Savage understands the impact of hearing loss, he talks about how hearing loss can sequester you away from the world. He says that hearing aids can change that, improving relationships, improving your desire to be more active and as he said, will change your freaking life. You can watch the video below.

The video is pretty good, and during it you can see the benefits of the smartphone connected Widex Evoke Fusion 2. The connection between the phone and the hearing aids gives you so much power over your hearing devices. Which means that it gives you power over your hearing and your satisfaction. If you think you have hearing loss, get a damn hearing test, if you find out you have hearing loss, get a set of hearing aids and get on with living. Like us on Facebook to keep up with our latest articles by clicking the button below

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