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The Best Invisible Hearing Aids 2016

Virto V Nano

Invisible hearing devices have been around for a long time, however, they have recently become very popular again. Most of the big manufacturers have introduced invisible hearing aids in the last few years. These hearing instrument types are called by different names SoundLens, Nano, IIC, invisible in canal or just plain invisible hearing aids. No matter the name, they all amount to pretty much the same thing, deep canal hearing aids.

We have just updated this article with a new one for 2017, funnily enough it is called Best Invisible Hearing Aids 2017 and you can read it here.  

Smallest Hearing Aids

For many new users of hearing aids the idea of invisible ones is very attractive. This is based on a needless sense of embarrassment at having a hearing loss. It is an age old hang up but considering how things have changed I don't understand it. People always seem to want the smallest hearing aid possible. Treating your hearing loss should be seen as something empowering, it is you taking control. I don't think that is something to be embarrassed about. However, that is a conversation for another time, let's talk about invisible hearing aids and who makes them. All of the following hearing devices are available in several levels of hearing device technology


Phonak Venture Nano Invisible Hearing Aids

The Phonak Venture Nano is the latest Nano invisible hearing aid from Phonak. Phonak say that it is the perfect combination of hearing performance and minimum size and we would be inclined to agree with them. Phonak produce a custom crafted hearing aid to fit completely and deeply in your ear canal, using computer-aided design and the latest generation of advanced materials. Comfort is guaranteed while delivering the sound quality that Phonak is famous for.

The deep position in the ear canal allows the Phonak Nano to use the natural shape of the ear to funnel sound to the microphone which delivers excellent directional hearing, as well as virtual invisibility.

The Nano typically sits deep in the ear canal, the front of the hearing device is in permanent shadow because of the depth it sits at. It is deep enough into the ear canal to be to all intents and purposes an invisible hearing aid.

Who is the Phonak Nano Venture suitable for?

The Nano Venture is not suitable for everyone for two reasons. Firstly, the device will only fit certain shapes and dimensions of ear canal, if your ear canal is too narrow or has too tight a bend it might not be suitable. Other contra indications are things such as excessive waxy ear canals or perforated eardrums. If you face these issues, the Nano may not be the product for you. In these cases other discreet hearing aids may be more advisable to consider.

Outstanding features of the Phonak Nano include: ,

  • Perfect fit: each IIC hearing aid is custom made to ensure a perfect fit
  • Better localisation: tight fit means users can better determine where sounds are coming from
  • All-purpose use: can be worn in all listening situations
  • Durability: all components are contained in one unit making it extremely durable
  • More comfort: no joined parts mean there are no hard edges

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Oticon Invisible Hearing Aids

Would you like a hearing device that no one else can see? Oticon has designed their IIC range to be unnoticeable to everyone else, and unnoticeable to you, too. Up until now, the ultra-compact IIC has come at the price of reduced features and limited use cases. Not anymore. Oticon's new IIC instruments with wireless technology make it possible to combine all the benefits of invisible hearing aids, outstanding listening performance with wireless access to communication and entertainment and the optional remote control.

An Invisible Solution

Oticon invisible hearing aids

This is Oticon’s most invisible hearing solution. It is shaped to fit so snugly deep inside your ear that no one will see it, or even realise you are wearing it. It means that you can keep your hearing loss a secret, and enjoy the many benefits of modern hearing care, without any noticeable change to your appearance.

Not only is it invisible to everyone else, Oticon IIC is designed to fit seamlessly into your lifestyle, so that nothing gets in the way of your regular daily routines. It blends inconspicuously and completely into your lifestyle, so that you can continue to play an active part in life. The sound level adapts automatically as sounds and places change throughout the day, so you will always have the sound you need to participate on an equal footing with everyone else.

Oticon IIC will also have minimum impact on the rest of your lifestyle – fitted inside your ear, it will not affect your use of headsets or telephones, nor how you wear your glasses, or even how you do your hair. As it is placed deep inside the ear, Oticon IIC captures sound in the same way that your ears were designed to do. Based on Oticon’s premium hearing aid technology, Inium Sense, and available at three technology levels to suit all budgets, it gently preserves and amplifies sounds so that what you hear is always clear – and you will be able to participate confidently in all situations.

First Ever Wireless Invisible Hearing Aid

Up until now, the ultra-compact IIC has come at the price of reduced features and limited use cases. Not anymore. Oticon's new IIC instruments with wireless technology make it possible to combine all the benefits of invisible hearing aids, outstanding listening performance, and wireless connectivity, what more could you want?


Starkey SoundLensStarkey SoundLens Synergy

Starkey introduced the SoundLens several years ago, in fact I believe it was the first of the current crop of invisible hearing aids. They to have been updating the technology within their invisible hearing aid offering. Recently the made the device even smaller and they added a second wireless invisible hearing aid to the line up. 

Wireless Invisible Hearing Aid

The wireless version of the SoundLens is no bigger than the older SoundLens type, so it will be a discreet deep fitting hearing aid. 


Signia InsioInsio Primax IIC

This is a late addition to the article, Siemens introduced the Insio Primax IIC this year as part of the Primax introduction. It is in fact the most powerful invisible hearing aid available covering hearing losses well into the severe range. It is available in three levels of technology the 7px, the 5px and the 3px. 

Wireless Invisible Hearing Aid

The Insio Primax is also a wireless invisible hearing aid. 

We have general details about Invisible Hearing Aids and other types of devices in our consumer hearing aid advice guide. It also details technology levels and features of hearing instruments in clear and easy to understand language. You can read more about the smallest hearing aids available here

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