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A Tsunami of Change Heading Toward Hearing Healthcare

I spoke to Dave Kemp of the Future Ear podcast a while ago about the changes that we could see coming down the road in hearing healthcare. It was a great conversation and we explored many of the topics that have become so relevant in the recent past like online sales of hearing aids and the OTC act in the US.

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You can listen to the episode below.

As always, it was a good conversation and just talking about a couple of different things gave me some more ideas about hearing aids and their future. I said a couple of years ago that in the future we wouldn't have hearing aids and hearables, basically, the functions would merge until they were indistinguishable. Having the conversation with Dave set me thinking about that again.

It appears to me that the feature sets we are beginning to see represent a convergence of consumer needs and medical needs, not a divergence. I want to write a bit more about that later. Anyway, enjoy the podcast.

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