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David Ormerod offering cheap Rayovac hearing aid batteries

rayovac batteriesDavid Ormerod Hearing Centre are running an offer on Rayovac hearing aid batteries.

The offer is running until 31st August 2007.

The normal price for a packet of 6 Rayovac batteries is around £3; this offer is undercutting that and it’s a case of the more you buy, the more you save. Well worth taking advantage of this offer and stocking up now while they are cheap.

The offer prices are as follows:

Buy 3 packs for £5.99

Buy 6 packs for £11.98

Buy 9 packs for £17.97

Postage and packing is free.

The offer is for all battery sizes. If you don’t know the size of battery your hearing aid uses, you can use the colour of the packet as a reference – read more about battery sizes and colours.

You can order by calling 0845 270 1398 or going to the David Ormerod website.