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Hearing aid batteries

hearing aid batteriesHearing aids require a lot of power. Zinc air batteries are used in most hearing aids because they produce a lot of power despite their small size and light weight.

There are several different battery sizes available – obviously you need to make sure you get the right size for your hearing aid. Traditionally, the different sizes were each given a different number: size 5, size 10, size 13, size 312 and size 675 – not the easiest numbers to remember.

To make things easier, a colour system has been introduced – so now:

  • Red – Size 5
  • Yellow – Size 10 (230)
  • Orange – Size 13
  • Brown – Size 312
  • Blue – Size 675

When you first purchase a hearing aid find out which colour batteries it is using – many will come with some free batteries so you can check those. When you go to purchase new batteries you should be able to instantly see the colour scheme – each battery pack is labelled with the colour and each individual battery in the pack has a coloured tab to match.

Rayovac are a very popular brand of battery – I use them and have been very impressed with with how long they last for and their quality. Activair is another popular brand – they are manufactured by Duracell